Statement On Former Cabinet Ministers Inciting Citizens To Rise Against Govt

September 16, 2019
Zambian DNA is disappointed with all those spreading alarming statements alleging that the country’s institutions of government are under capture when in fact not.
Some bitter and frustrated former cabinet ministers have teamed up with some disgruntled elements in opposition political parties to alarm the nation by peddling falsehoods, in an effort to incite the citizenry to rise against the government.
However, we challenge all those spreading falsehoods to provide evidence to support their allegations, failure to which they should be arrested for inciting Zambians to rise against a democratically government.
We appeal to all well meaning patriotic Zambians to ignore the said bitter and frustrated former cabinet ministers, who are in an alliance with vision less opposition political party leaders who have nothing to offer, and instead support President Edgar Lungu’s trans-formative development agenda that leaves no one behind.
Issued by:

Spuki Mulemwa