Opinion: PF Swallow You Pride, Accept That Opposition Are Partners In Governance

Opinion: PF Swallow You Pride, Accept That Opposition Are Partners In Governance

By Maiko Mwanza

Only someone who doesn’t stay in Zambia or a Rich kid who has no family in most rural Zambia or who has no family which depend on mealie meal as food or a connected cadre who has it all times.
Instead of PF appreciating that HH has come on board to help control the hunger situation, the least PF can write is HH is desperate for State House
Swallow your Pride PF, accept that HH is a partner in Governance then things will be ok for Zambians. As an affected Zambian with hunger, I wish HH could donate to me too the mealie meal he donated to Bauleni. I wish HH could donate more to different parts of Zambia affected by hunger.

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We have seen on Camera PF holding ceremonies at Party Secretariat where a named politician donated 4,000 bags of unga, yesterday we say Kafue DC on camera distributing *12kg* unga in kafue, we have seen DMMU sending the so called maize to Monze, we have seen on camera people fighting to buy a bag of roller meal, we have seen on camera Hon Bowman donating unga in his constituency, we have unga branded by Hon Sikazwe being distributed in Mpulungu, we have seen unga prices going up on justification that we have no maize, it’s on record Hon Vice President asking Zambians to think of alternative meals, we have seen Catholic Bishops and other churches asking for donations to rise funds to help the hunger situation in Zambia, etc. What more do we want to hear for us to say the situation is bad in Zambia. He saw on Camera the out going British Ambassador asking Zambia to declare itself hunger disaster.
Now that HH has joined the race, ati he is desperate.
Swallow your pride, don’t use politics on hunger. People are dying, these are the people who voted for you. Think about them. They want food just as you do, just as you want votes from them.
Actually PF is making HH more popular because majority of Zambia affected by hunger want food.
PF stop playing games on this situation.