What Is So Special About KBF?

Kelvin Fube Bwalya – KBF held a press briefing two days ago and all major politically interested parties are having a field day.

At the PF Secretariat, we have one group pushing out positive material on what KBF said and we have another group pushing out negative material on both KBF and the President.

Inside the UPND, they are in overdrove with their media unit working overtime to spin the KBF story.

We have just witnessed a heated argument between 2 very senior PF officials over the current happenings following the press briefing by KBF.

My question is why is it that every time KBF speaks, all of us go into overdrive.

I will not give my opinion on who I think is right and who I think is wrong but I think that it is dangerous for a few senior members in PF to hate KBF so much that in fighting him they drag the President into malicious propaganda.

Why, why, why must all programs come to a stand still just to direct all our energies to KBF.

What about KBF scares political opponents so much that for 3 days all we are being made to do is fight KBF?

What is really going on here to the extent that we must start creating propaganda against our own President in our fight against KBF? I understand the benefit that UPND has in fighting KBF and advancing propaganda but for us as PF, my question is are we so dull that we do things just because? I think we need direction!
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