Govt Reaches Out To HH For Help

Govt Reaches Out To HH For Help

In the recent weeks UPND president has been criticized on a number of issues by the PF government, with focus being on his numerous donation attempts.

The UPND president & PF government, through Government Spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya have indirectly been engaged in a back & forth, via the social media app Twitter.

In a previous tweet Hon Siliya shared the following..

” I am glad I have the UPND leader’s attention. Maybe, we can now set a political agenda focused on issues important to Zambians and not Dora Siliya. The Zambians want solutions to climate change so that hunger situation is alleviated, jobs, business etc.
Enjoy Monday. ”

She then shared the following tweet, around midnight.

” HH, we can do this together. Let’s not destroy Zambia and the future of young people.”