WTF: $21million to Be Spent For 30 Days By Govt

WTF: $21million to Be Spent For 30 Days By Govt

The 20.5 million US Dollars 300 megawatts of power imports from South Africa’s ESKOM will only be for 30 days, Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa has said.

And Mr Nkhuwa could not disclose how much the electricity will cost per Kilowatt Hour despite Members of Parliament querying on the matter.

He however broke down the cost of the 300 megawatts saying 13.5 Million US Dollars will be for the actual power while 7 million US Dollars will go towards transporting the power from South Africa to Zambia.

In a Ministerial statement to Parliament, the Minister maintained that there will be an upward tariff adjustment which will be around double the current cost to meet the cost of the imported power.

Meanwhile, Mr Nkhuwa said Zambia has continued to export power to Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo despite the power deficit.