Ambition Never End’s-KK…As Texila American University Holds Second Scholarship Award Ceremony

Ambition never comes to an end, insists Dr Kenneth Kaunda, as he pays special tribute to Texila American University(TAU) for awarding scholarships to deserving students.

And Texila American University says it recognizes the growing need for quality education to be accessible to all.


Meanwhile, Dr Kaunda told scholarship recipients that the opportunity that has been granted to them has comes at a huge cost and the finest way to pay back is by getting into the industry and change the world.

Dr Kumar Poddar


Texila American University has continued to award deserving student scholarships in Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Professions Foundation Program, Business Administration and Public Health.

The Second Annual TAU Scholarship Award Ceremony dubbed Kenneth Kaunda Scholarship   benefited a total of 25 Zambians who applied to study in various courses at TAU and is worth around 1.5 Million Kwacha.

Journalists and student listen attentively as scholarship award ceremony proceed

On the momentous occasion, the first Zambian leader who spoke through his fourth son, Tilyenji said the importance of the health-care industry can not be overemphasized, saying the demand for quality health-care can not be ignored


“You will agree with me that there is a great need for well trained and competent people in the health-care industry. The demand for quality health-care can not be ignored, now more than ever. That is simply because we all depend on it. Lives are saved from the most complicated illnesses because people are working tirelessly to do necessary research and to ensure that every citizen gets equal opportunities to health-care facilities and access to medication and medical personnel,” Dr Kaunda said.




He said with population growth and technological advancements, it’s necessary for the nation to have driven and ambitious young people putting in all their effort in seeing to it that Zambia, and Africa in general, gets the best personnel.


“… That means people with a heart of service. It is no secret that we still have a long way to go as a nation to get to our intended patient-doctor ratio. But if you all decide on individual basis to do your very best, in your own way, you will make a tremendous difference. Each one of you has a role to play in your communities, whether you believe that or not. If you do not, you can start now,” Dr Kaunda said.


He added: “Ambition never comes to an end, and we sincerely hope this is only the beginning of an industrial revolution that will see this country and continent achieve great things that will bring massive transformation in health-care and all other facets of life.

Dr Kaunda urged scholarship recipient to repay the university with hard work, because the opportunity given to them had  come at a cost.

“I sincerely believe that this scholarship is will aid your journey towards what could be the greatest and most life-changing times in your life. This opportunity that has been granted to you has come at a huge cost and the finest way to pay back is to get into the industry and change the world! We believe in you and we know you will not let us down,” the first Zambian leader said.

Dr Kaunda said his vision for “education for all” is being realized through the scholarship award offered by Texila American University.

“KK’s vision for education for all is being realized through this scholarship and the best ‘thank you” you can give is to grab the opportunity and run with it with so much vigor and ambition. Do not stop at anything. Let your goals be so clear that you will not stop at anything till you achieve them. I will say it again, “Ambition never comes to an end,” Dr Kaunda who is a school teacher by profession said.


He concluded by encouraging Texila to continue to give back to the Zambian community through more of such gestures.

“…And to the recipients, we believe in you and your abilities. I encourage you to work hard and bring the change you want to see in this nation and society in general,” he said.

And Textila American University Registrar, Dr Vijay Kumar who earlier Spoke on behalf of Prof Ajay Kumar Poddar maintained the university’s aim to redefine and revolutionize international education by offering updated, modern and excellent training in areas of Health Sciences, Information and Communication Technology, Management, Education, Applied Science and all possible that a learner seeks to engage with TAU.

He said it is TAU’s vision to high quality, research driven education that transforms students into responsible, educated, employable and entrepreneur citizens.

“Our main goal to make sure that when you are done with your studies, ready to take your steps in an exciting and rewarding career,” Prof Poddar said, adding: “As Texila American University, we recognize the growing need for quality education to be accessible to all. These young ladies and gentlemen you see here are the future of this nation, continent and the world as a whole. Quality education should not be far fetched for them. It is for this reason we initiated scholarship plan for which we have received overwhelming response from students and parents. It has been extremely difficult for us to select and declare scholarships to only few students because students who had applied for the scholarship seemed equally deserving. The response is proof of the deep hunger that this generation has to be equipped for life,” he said.

Prof Poddar showered praises on Dr Kaunda for being passionate about quality education.

“As TAU, we saw it fit to honor him(Dr Kaunda) and his contribution to the education sector,”