Under Whose Authority Was DFID Acting Under When It Release Relief Food For Zambia?

Their is a very dangerous western cartel working around the clock to undermine the Zambian governing powers.

HH recently declared hunger a national disaster

UK recently released relief food days after Hakainde decision to declare hunger a national emergency despite the government repeatedly assuring the nation that the situation was under control and the current stock was enough to cover for the drought affected areas too until the next harvest.

This comes days after Hakainde was pictured distributing bags of mealie meal in Bauleni, an area that hasn’t been directly affected by droughts and an area that has more than enough food inclusive of mealie meal.

Before Hakaindes childish hunger crisis proclamations, the man went on top of every ant hill claiming the government has been distributing maize bran in the affected areas, obviously doing so to market himself to foreign powers.

DFIDs relief food to Zambia appears very timely and shocking all together looking at how an NGO headed by the united kindom can quickly heed to a mere desperate citizens call of a hunger crisis in Zambia and choosing to ignore the governing authority of that very nation

is it not the very kingdom that has been publishing African confidential articles articulating rubbish about Zambia and Africa as a whole?

Is it not clear enough that these kingdoms want to grasp power in Africa by any means necessary, even if it means planting puppets like Hakainde to discredit the government.

Be warned, the day this man will be ushered in, will be the day Zambia will be sold
From Rev Dr Cozmo C K Mumba. President of National Revolution Party published by Ms Chibale Kalaba Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations