Meet Young, Fresh, Talented Fargy   …as Kwacha Production partners with Fargy in fashion design


Fargy rocking her own clothing designs, shoes inclusive


By Staff Reporter


In its diversification process, Kwacha Production has partnered with Tendai Albetina Mulenga Mwansa otherwise known as Fargy in fashion design.

The designs include modeling clothes, hand bags, shoes, wedding clothing and lap top bag designs.

Kwacha Production has been in film production, magazine and newspaper publication spanning close to a decade and now it has seen a need to diversify in fashion designs, according to C.E.O Saeed Banda.

Fargy(left) with Cleo

Some of the films Kwacha Production has produced which previously cast on Zambezi Magic are Tiwine and Iliko Tricky among others.

“We are happy to announce that we have signed a deal with a young and talented designer in modeling clothes, lap top bags design. This is a huge boost to our firm, “the jovial looking Mr. Banda said.

And Fargy said she is happy to partner with Kwacha Production in fashion design, saying she will put up the hard work to ensure that the project prolongs beyond time.

Fargy performing at Casper Nyovest show at Woodlands Stadium lat year

“I am happy to partner with Kwacha Production in fashion designer. This is a great opportunity for me to showcase my talent to another level. Designing is what I do best and as an old adage goes “when you are good you are good”. I will ensure that I work hard to make sure that the project lives beyond my legacy,” she said.

According to the contract spotted by this media house, Fargy will be a main artiste in the music production under Kwacha music production.


While her peers are indulging in illicit activities, Rapper, song writer, music manager and clothes designer Fargy is making a difference in the country dominated by men.

At 21, Fargy is getting on top easily like bush fire and this is something that has been earned from hard work.

But who is Fargy

I was born on 30th June 1997 in Lusaka, University Teaching Hospital(UTH) to be precise. I am second born in the family of seven.

I started my education in the early 2000 at Bwacha Primary School before graduating to Bayuni Basic School in Lusaka’s Makeni Area. I completed my high school  at Kasisi Girls, a Catholic Convent School.


After completing school, I decided to take professional studies at the Copperbelt University where I obtained a diploma in Banking and Finance. Other than that I studied Computer Programming in Lusaka.


Music career

My music career can be traced back from my school days where I started stage rapping, dancing and school debates. I could on many occasions do stage comedy.  One day, I was invited to perform in Makeni Villa at a musical show. After putting up a splendid performance, a named local artiste encouraged me to take up rap as a part time career.

As a result of this show, I signed a lucrative music deal with Ambassador Wine where I was an ambassador for the Wine selling fame. I would give a speech, perform on live stage to entice customers to buy the products…it was fun and I got a lot of exposure.

In September last year, I performed at Casper Nyovest’s show and  this event was important to me as it fully exposed me to a lot of funs who had flocked to Woodlands Stadium to have a glimpse of famous artistes like my cousin Cleo, Mark2, Bobby East, Slap D, Hush, Queen Classic and Casper, the famous  South African artiste.

It was like dream come true for me to perform along side a genre of great musicians and interestingly, when I went on stage, I took over the show, as revelers kept on chanting my name.

In terms of recording music, I have worked with producer Dro on the hit song “you are badder” which shot my fame to the sky. Having completed this project, I worked with J.O.B of DASIM Studios and together we did songs like Delela me, Shimiyeye, Ma chills, cigarette and Whisky.