September 24, 2019

The opposition UPND’s assertions that their leader Hakainde Hichilema is running the country are not only baseless, misleading, a scheme calculated to gain cheap political mileage, but also tantamount to treason.

However, the Zambian people gave President Edgar Lungu the mandate to govern the country until 2021, and not Hichilema.

It’s a plain truth that Hichilema has been rejected five times at the ballot box by the Zambian people.

Nevertheless, Zambian DNA is not surprised by the opposition leader’s hypocrisy of pretending to be in the driving seat when in fact he is just puffed up with the appetite for power.

We urge the Zambian people to be wary of Hichilema and his allies’ attempt to wrestle power from a democratically elected Republican President.

As for the British Government’s financial aid to Zambia, it’s a normal Government -to-Government support, and not as alleged by UPND.

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