Tutwa Welcomes ConCourt’s Decision Of Throwing Out Mwitwa, Sagwa’s Application

Kabwe Lawmaker Tutwa Ngulube says it is embarrassing that lawyers in Zambia can engage in activities of trying to block Parliament from passing laws.

Tutwa Ngulube

Reacting to the decision by the Constitutional Court(ConCourt) to refuse to grant an order of injunction to Law Association of Zambia(LAZ) president Eddie Mwitwa and prominent lawyer John Sagwa and an application of an injunction where they were stopping the National Assembly from subjecting bill 10 to the select commitee as well as stopping the President from assenting to a bill/or also to move to second and third readings, Mr Ngulube said this is a clear sign that what campaigners of bill 10 had told them in the beginning is now beginning to show.
“I think it is very embarrassing that lawyers in a country like Zambia should engage in an activity where they should now try to block Parliament from passing laws… I think the ruling by the Constitutional Court is clear that you cannot stop Parliament from passing any law and you cannot find a way to interfere with the internal affairs of Parliament,” Mr Ngulube said.
He said Mr Mwitwa and Mr Sagwa should accept that the decision of the Constitutional Court is final and cannot be challenged.

“The ruling by the Constitutional Court is final, just like all decision of the ConCourt are final and they have no way of appealing anywhere …and there is no way they are going to reverse such kind of a decision. All we can say is that this is a time we should unite as a country and find practical solutions so that the Constitutional Making Process has integrity and also has a way on how it will unite this country. We cannot always be running to courts because the courts were not meant to solve people’s problems, the courts are there for difficult situations where human-beings have failed to interpret, the court will come in to help,” he said.

Mr Ngulube said the Constitutional Making Process should not be politicized.
“But I think it is wrong to take a political stance on a Constitutional matter as it defeats the entire purpose for which the Constitutional Court was created. With this, we would like to urge LAZ to withdraw those proceeding and find a way of engaging with the executive so that together we can come up with a Constitution that will be respected by all Zambians,” he said