Statement On: A known Opposition Leader’s Desire To Introduce Gay Rights and Same Sex Marriage.

We, a consortium of political parties and Non GovernmentalOrganizations(NGOs) are extremely shocked to learn through the media that a known opposition leader in Zambia, wants to introduce gay rights and same sex marriage if given a chance  to govern the country.
However, as a Christian Nation, Zambia does not subscribe to practices that are contrary to our Christian values and principles.
It is for this reason that we are urging the Zambian people to reject political leaders, who are bent on promoting alien practices that hold the potential to contaminate our culture, as gay rights and same sex marriage are both  unZambian and unChristian.
Issued by:
Zambian DNA
Media Election Monitoring Project
Network for Young People against Violence
Battle Cry Zambia
Movement for Economic Empowerment and Democracy
New Congress Party
Zambia Republican Party
Citizens Democratic Party
United for Better Zambia