Don’t Vote For Political Parties That Are Allergic That To Development

UPND members of parliament leave the House after Speaker announced their 30 days suspension : pix curtesy of News Diggers

As Zambian DNA, we stand on firm grounds to state that there are opposition Members of Parliament and Council Chairpersons, as well as Councilors in this country who are allergic to development in their respective places- they show more allegience to the party leadership than to those who elected them to serve in those positions.

It is for that reason why months ago, we had a by-election in Kafue and there is going to be a by-election in Kaoma Central for Council Chairmanship because those victims of opposition political party dictatorship chose to lobby Central Government for developmental projects or to meet the Head of State and because of that, they were expelled from the party. We all know that only Central Government can deliver development to all parts of Zambia, without leaving anyone behind because it is the one with the mandate to govern the country.
We are asking the people of Kaoma Central (where there is a by-election), not to vote for a Candidate that will come from the party that is allergic to development but rather vote for a Candidate that will lobby Central Government for development and that Candidate can only come from the ruling party because the one from the opposition will not be allowed to approach Government. So what will be a point of voting for them? After a short while, once they vote for them, they will be expelled by their party and there will be a by-election. At this point, we are going through austerity measures, it is important that we save money and not waste it on by-elections.
Don’ t vote for an opposition Candidate, because they will cause a by-election and you will be made to spend the money which you haven’t got. Vote for a person who will be able to bring development in your area and that is a ruling party candidate.
We are also concerned that opposition Members of Parliament are being told how to behave in parliament. We have seen political leaders telling their members not to attend National Dialogue Forum(NDF). They have been directed not to vote for the NDF bill when it goes to Parliament…but we wonder because those lead.ers were not voted in those position by the party leadership, they were voted in those positions by the people.


Issued by Zambian DNA
Spuki Mulemwa