Chipata Woman Takes Up Bicycle ‘Delivery Job’

Chipata Woman Takes Up Bicycle ‘Delivery Job’

A CHIPATA-BASED female cyclist Muhango has defiled all odds and a labour intensive bicycle passenger transport business locally known as ‘delivery.’

Ms Muhango said she is the only cyclist with an improvised carrier that carries two passengers at a go making her a top earner beating her male competitors in the same business in Chipata. The 29 year old mother of twins told Times of Zambia in an exclusive interview that she has been doing the same business for over nine years now and is even able to cover a distance of 187 kilometres from Chipata to Lundazi with passengers.

Chanse Muhango

Ms Muhango recently shocked many as she was able to continue with her cycling business even when she was nine months pregnant for twins. “The labour pains started whilst on duty, I just had to take myself to the hospital to deliver the twins,” she said.

Muhango said her business has greatly assisted her provide for her children’s and family as her husband who was also in the same business had stopped and searching for other jobs.

“I am married to Daniel Muhango who supports me and encourages me attain my dream of taking up a male dominated job, it’s thanks to him that I can do this,” she said.

She explained that from the time she started doing this kind of business, people would get surprised and strange to see her carry two people on her bicycle at a once.

Muhango explained that on a typical day she works up as early as 04:00hrs to do house chores before she starts to cycle people around 06hrs up until 20hrs in the evening.

She said on a good day she makes about K125 and K150 and charges people depending on the distance.

In Picture: Mother of twins Chanse Muhango about to start off with her passengers.

Credit: By Sam Phiri (Times of Zambia)