Photos of A Zambian Woman Killed By Her Husband In Finland


CECILIA Chiluba- Arvola, a Zambian woman living in Finland has been shot dead by her husband.

It has been alleged that Cecilia was in the process of divorcing her Finnish hubby but had disagreements over custody of their son.


Updates: A Finnish man shot his wife of a foreign background in Lahti – possible motives divorce and fight for the child custody

“The Police of Häme is suspecting a male suspect of the murder a female victim. The victim was shot dead in Lahti in Sunday evening. The homicide took place outside on the Ala-Tonttila street around 5.30 pm.

– The suspect of the crime is a 53-year old man. The victim is his 38-year-old wife, Detective Inspector Jari Kiiskinen told on Monday.

According to the information of the Ilta-Sanomat Newspaper, the male suspect is of Finnish origin and lives in Kouvola. The female victim of African origin, had filed for divorce from the suspect.

The shooting took place outside and, according to Police, had some witnesses. The Police has started to interrogate the witnesses and the 53-year-old male suspect.

The suspect was close to the crime scene just a few minutes after the Police got the emergency call. The Police has the gun suspected to be the weapon used.

The trigger behind the tragedy seems to be a divorce and the fight of the custody of the child and the right to see the child.

The suspect of the murder and the victim got married in Northern Finland in January 2016. Later they have moved to South. The woman has been living in Lahti lately and the husband in Kouvola.

In the beginning of the year the woman had filed for divorce alone. The file is still handled in the District Court.

Less than two weeks ago the woman filed another case to the District Court to ask the Court order for the full custody of their child. She had asked the Court to order the son to live with the mother.

The son lived first with his mother after the parents got separated. According to the mother’s file, the father ”took the child without the right to his new home” in Kouvola.

According the the file the child is used to live with his mother. According to the mother it would be his best interest to live with her. The couple did not find an agreement when negotiating with the child supervisor.

The child stayed with the father and the mother has seen the child in the weekends.

According to the file, the woman with African origin did not know the Finnish law and how to proceed with the custody issues.

It says in her file for the full custody that ”She had made the agreement to be able to at least see the child occasionally”.

The case has been filed to the District Court 1.5 weeks ago. It is likely that the suspect has gotten the subpoena (summons) last week just before the homicide.

Now the woman is dead and the husband arrested as a suspect of murder. The Police will request for detention from the District Court later this week.

The Police of Häme is still asking for any information related to the case.