Lusaka Wife Accused of Bonking Ex-President’s Son, Patrick Mwanawasa Says Her Husband’s Behaviour Was Unreasonable

Lusaka Wife Accused of Bonking Ex-President’s Son, Patrick Mwanawasa Says Her Husband’s Behaviour  Was Unreasonable

A LUSAKA woman sued by her husband for divorce for allegedly commiting adultery with two different men while being married has denied the allegations.

In her answer to the petition, Musamba Samantha Mulenga Okpara strongly denies having committed adultery with former deputy permanent secretary for Central Province and foreign affairs permanent secretary Ronald Simwinga.

Musamba has also prayed for the dissolution of the marriage on account of the petitioner’s unreasonable behaviour and that he be made to pay maintenance pending the determination the matter.

Lombe Ikeche Okpara sued his wife for dissolution of the marriage in the Lusaka High Court citing alleged adultery, among the other reasons.

Musamba stated that the marriage between her and her husband Lombe Ikeche Okpara had broken down irretrievably although the reasons were not the alleged adultery.

She however, said that she had not behaved in such a way that her husband could not live with her and stated further that it was actually her husband that had behaved in unreasonable manner and that she could not be expected to live with him.

She further denied any wrong doing and stated that Mwanawasa was a friend who was at the time working in Eastern Province and was in town and used their rented duplex apartment to hold meetings.

“The respondent simply went to pay him a visit as friends normally would,” Musamba stated.

She stated that whether or not someone’s manhood was in pain was not indicative of having recently had a sexual encounter, adding that they exist a plethora of reasons that could explain such a pain.

Musamba denied confirming that Mwanawasa had wished he had married her and furthermore, that whether or not he made such a wish, it was wholly irrelevant to any allegations of adultery.

“That the reason for the decision to live apart can also be attributed to the unreasonable behaviour portrayed by the petitioner which included harassment of the respondent and her colleagues,” she submitted.

She denied arranging and hosting a party but would state that the same was a lunch time event at her sister’s house with only a maximum of not more than five adults in attendance.

Musamba stated that Simwinga has never been a sexual partner and that throughout the course of the lunch time event, she did not behave in any manner that could be deemed unreasonable.

She denied ever being a custodian of Simwinga’s house keys and genuinely bemused by that allegation.

She also denied committing to having been in any intimate relationship with Simwinga and maintains that the relationship between them had been platonic.

She accused her husband of been involved in witch-hunt against her, evident to the fact that she has left the matrimonial home.

Musamba stated that her husband has recently procured a firearm, which she claimed was obtained for use on her.

She said that her husband had hacked her phone for purposes of spying on her activities and had been in a habit of circulating her recorded phone conversations to her friends and relatives.

She wants to be granted full custody of the children of the family with reasonable access to the petitioner and an order for property settlement.

Musamba has appointed Mesdames Nkusuwila Nachalwe advocates as her lawyers.

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