Retirees Protest Over Unpaid Retirement Packages

Retirees Protest Over Unpaid Retirement Packages

Retirees from various parastatal companies this morning held a protest at the local authority superannuation fund -LASF- over what they says is the unfair manner in which their money is being disbursed.

The emotionally charged retirees expressed concern at the slow pace LASF is issuing payments which they said is against the earlier agreed schedule following the release of k251 million by government to pay retirees two weeks ago.

According to the retirees, they had agreed that the local authority would be paying at least 30 of them per day but that this agreement has not materialized and has led to delays in paying them.

But a representative of the pressure group representing the retirees, James Chipulu has defended LASF saying they are on course with payments and that the retirees are just too anxious.

Meanwhile, local authority superannuation fund -LASF- public relations manager, Chishimba Milonga says the authority projects to pay all the over 3000 retirees by march 2020.

Mr. Nkole has disclosed that while the authority is on course with the payments, it is having challenges in processing payments due to missing documentation in some files.