Malama: Zambians Are Too Forgetful

Malama: Zambians Are Too Forgetful

Zambians are like storm lightning, when the situation or an issue comes up they strike with full force and go, before the solution is found, they go dead quiet.

Hence we have so many issues in this country unattended to. How do you expect our nation to develop if we easily forget finding solution to problems that matter most in our lives ? Way to success is solving problems not ignoring.

This is the reason why leaders abuse us with fake promises and we do nothing because we long forgot about the promises they made to us.

With impunity our leaders ignore their promises knowing that we hardly remember things that matter most to us.


Firetenders -$42million
Vespers – killed no culprit
Houses – 48 no owner
Bill 10 – bulldozed against will of people
Rule of law – Ignored
Roads – over priced
MPs and cadres – 70% arrogant
FIC REPORT – mfwiti mfwiti case closed

Add anything I have forgot on the list am also a Zambian.

Mr Mindset
Malama Stanley EEP SG