UPND Women Prostrate Topless At Party Cadre’s Funeral

UPND Women Prostrate Topless At Party Cadre’s Funeral

A group of UPND women on Thursday prostrated topless at the funeral of party cadre Lawrence Banda who was shot dead during political violence in Kaoma last week.

This act is yet to be explained by the opposition party.

Multitudes of UPND members turned up to bid farewell to Banda who died in political violence/ during campaigns for the Kaoma council chairperson by-election held on Thursday, which the opposition party retained by a minimal margin.

Some UPND cadres conducted a funeral procession in town while carrying Banda’s coffin against the police’s advice that they do not do that because the act was considered unZambian.

On the other side at the Cathedral, a group of women, clad in UPND vitenges and bras only, prostrated before hundreds of mourners in what they say was to show displeasure at Banda’s death.

It is unclear why the opposition party allowed the cadres to move with a coffin in town in that matter and let the women prostrate topless during the funeral procession.

The questions that await answers are:

Why did the cadres move around town with a coffin and a body inside?

Did these cadres have regard and respect for the dead?

Did the opposition party really respect their member while he was alive to show this type of display in town?

And why were the women allowed to prostrate topless like that before a multitude of mourners?