Wife Charged K1,000 For Not Shaving Hubby

Wife Charged K1,000 For Not Shaving Hubby

A YOUNG widow of Ndola was charged K1,000 by her late husband’s family because they discovered that he was too well-turfed down there when he died.

Doreen Ngulube, 20 of Ndola’s Masala said her late husband’s family had declined to give her the ritual cleansing that is done to bereaved spouses to allow them to move on.

Suing Beauty Matipula of Kabwe, she said her husband’s family accused her of not taking good care of their relative.

In her testimony Matipula said according to their tradition, when a married person dies, he should die shaved, which was not the case with Ngulube’s husband.

She explained however, that the family refused to put Ngulube through the cleansing ritual because she was pregnant at the time of her husband’s death.