Malama: China Is Sacking Zambia Dry Of Its Resources

Malama: China Is Sacking Zambia Dry Of Its Resources

Stanely Malama has alleged that China is sacking Zambia dry of its resources. “The outflow costs to Zambia surpass the inflows that gets to Zambia in form of aid. Zambia is losing more billions of dollars in Minerals than what we receive in aid each year.

International Aid has curtailed Zambia’s growth efforts. Our leaders have developed a dependency syndrome without realizing that our country is rich. Donor support should not be relied on forever but instead be used to build institutions and the economy.

Zambia is lacking good management and accountability of our resources almost in everything.Our leaders are to blame when it comes to misappropriation of aid funds and corruption among the officials.

Another outlook into Zambia failing economy is the loss that Zambia is experiencing as the foreign aid-giving country without realizing. We give out land, Mukula tree, contracts, small businesses and minerals to foreigners yet we expect our economy to improve it doesn’t work like that.

My vision is to make sure we are able to stand on our own feet and develop our country. attract investment and do business. There is no reason why we can’t grow intra Zambia trade to the levels we see in America or Europe. When we have precious minerals like Gold, Diamond, copper, etc….

By Mr Mindset
Malama Stanley EEP SG