Statement On Why Pres. Lungu Will Win The 2021 Polls

November 1, 2019

Zambian DNA has noted that President Edgar Lungu will win the 2021 polls given his exemplary performance during this short time he has been in office.

Whilst the country is grappling with many socioeconomic challenges ,we strongly believe that the Zambian people still have confidence in President Lungu and his Government  because he has demonstrated leadership in tackling critical issues affecting the nation such as timely distribution of farming inputs, attracting foreign investment, rolling out infrastructure developmental projects in all the ten Provinces of the country and for initiating the first-ever mechanism of monitoring ministerial performance through presidential quarterly reports.

As for the opposition parties, we believe that the Zambian people will reject them as they have no vision for the country, but driven by the selfish agenda to wrestle power from the Republican President.

In view of the foregoing, it’s abundantly clear that the opposition are in a panic mode as the clock ticks towards 2021 elections, and now have resorted to peddling falsehoods against President Lungu alleging that the polls will be rigged and marred with violence when in fact they are headed for yet another humiliating electoral defeat.

We are also fully aware that the UPND-led Alliance is crumbling because other partners feel they are being used to propel the UPND to power.

It’s for this reason, we are urging the Zambian people to be wary of opposition leaders’ selfish agenda to agitate for regime change.


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