The First Lady In Dorcas Uniform: Who Erred?

The First Lady In Dorcas Uniform: Who Erred?

The issue of the first lady being clad in Dorcas UNIFORM should have subsided by now. But to the dismay of many, it has continued crawling, leaving stints of apprehension especially to those with little or no information regarding the Dorcas Society on such matters.

First and foremost I wish to remind you brethren that the Seventh- day Adventist church has prided itself over the years for being among the most organized institutions on the face of the earth.

With the guidance of scriptures, Spirit of Prophecy and official organizational documents such as the church manual, policy and various administrative instruments, the church remains compact and resolute in its structure and mission.

Coming to the issue…

Some have inquired if the church was right to adorn the first lady in the sanctimonious Dorcas uniform, while others have blatantly accused the church leadership of compromising church policy and succumbing to the lure of material or political favours.

Before we talk about evangelism and the need to embrace people of all classes, the simple question to ask is, what do our books say about such matters?

Dorcas as a society under the garb of Adventist Community services operates under what is known as Dorcas Guidelines. This is the document that spells out rules, procedures and guidelines on all penitent issues pertaining this beautiful group of women.

Contrary to popular opinion, Dorcas Guidelines allow the wearing of Dorcas uniform by individuals who are not bonafide members of Dorcas and not members of the Adventist church. “Non Seventh day Adventists who take part in the group activities may wear the service uniform while working with the group” Guidelines state.

The Guidlines also emphasize that when such happens the person must respect our standards regarding dress, jewelry and makeup. A closer look at the viral photo goes to show that this aspect was aptly complied with by the first lady, Mrs Esther Lungu.

What about the news about Dr. Akombwa?

What about it? You ask. The accusation levelled against the church about the Dorcas uniform also bullied the church leader into it. Some news outlets have claimed that Pastor Akombwa received a sum from State House in order to dress the Mrs Esther Lungu in Dorcas uniform.

Sincerity here begs for further probing. How did Dr. Akombwa dress the first lady with the uniform? Did he or his executive at Southern Zambia Union organize that event?

Contrary, the photo was captured during SDA Woodlands Central Church Exhibition at Nakatindi Hall grounds at Lusaka Civic Centre on Sunday, November 3rd,2019 were as Dr. Akombwa was also a guest by virtue of his position as leader of the church and the guest of honor.

Those of you who have been around will recall that “this was not the first time the First Lady was putting on Dorcas uniform. She did put it on in Kabwe, probably in 2017 when she was invited as Guest of Honor to officially open the meeting.

Since Kabwe is not part of Southern Zambia Inion Conference, he was not in attendance. But no one ever reacted to her wearing the uniform. So, why does it become an issue when she does the same in the SZBU, especially in view of the fact that our Manuals provide for non-Adventists to wear them?

Maybe we must admit that we are in the midst of a political crossfire. Whatever our church leaders do or don’t do, there will be someone out there who will find the position against them. Probably, we must be abit patient, gentle and prayerful towards our church leaders.

Nonetheless, mission to all classes of people, those in the highways and byways, including those in government, must be done. This is because they part of our mission field as a church.

“We talk and write much of the neglected poor: should not some attention be given also to the neglected rich? Many look upon this class as hopeless, and they do little to open the eyes of those who have lost eternity out of their reckoning.

Thousands of wealthy men have gone to their graves unwarned, because they have been judged by appearance, and passed by as hopeless subjects. But, indifferent as they may appear, but most of this class are soul burdened” Evangelism page 555.


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