Mopani Replaces ‘Man Power Drink’ With Milkit

MOPANI Copper Mines (MCM) has introduced milkit, a drink, and mansbread to replace the energy supplement which miners recently rejected on grounds that it was arousing their sexual drive. Last month, MCM introduced a high energy food supplement called Future Life High Energy Nutrient Dense, which miners rejected claiming that it was also making them suffer from insomnia at night. Minister of Mines and Mineral Development Richard Musukwa directed MCM to withdraw the

food supplement from the workers’ menu following complaints of insomnia and high libido by those who consumed it.

Now the mine has replaced the rejected food supplement with a local drink called milkit, four mansbread [Kampompo] and a mineral supplement. Mine workers Union of Zambia (MUZ) president Joseph Chewe said in an interview yesterday that MCM has changed the menu to three foodstuffs which miners are now taking while on duty. “So that sex booster food supplement has been removed from the menu and what we have is milkit, four mansbread and a mineral food supplement,” he said. Mr Chewe said miners are happy with the new menu so far and that MUZ has not received any complaints from workers. He also said MCM has started implementing a new work schedule in Mufulira where miners are now expected to work for 12 hours from the initial eight hours a day.

Mr Chewe said it is important for miners to be well nourished as they start working for more hours. He said under the new shift, miners are expected to work for 12 hours for four days, thereafter rest for four days. Mr Chewe said miners will still be working 48 hours in a week because nothing has changed from the work period. He is optimistic that workers will adjust to the 12 hour shift as the mine embarks on a serious transformation through its various innovative programmes. Mr Chewe said MUZ is monitoring activities at the mine to ensure