Traditional Rain Predictor Foresees Floods in February 2020

Traditional Rain Predictor Foresees Floods in February 2020

Peter Jakalasi Halubinga, A traditional Rain Predictor of Mwanza Chiefdom in Monze district has also weighed in to given his rain forecast saying the country will have enough rains to grow crops up to February 2020.

The prophet of the spirits cautiously explains that the 2019/2020 rain season will be associated with heavy lightening and thunderstorms.

Mr. Halubinga narrates that the spirits revealed to him on the need for people appeasing the spirits and the church to seriously pray for reduction in lightening and thunderstorms during the season.

He tells Radio Chikuni News that last season he gave a prediction that there would be little rains yet people ignored him but hopes they will follow his message this time around.

Mr. Halubinga foresees more rains in January but says floods will be experienced in February 2020 and this will cause floods leading to water spillages in dams and some streams.

But the Zambia Meteorological Department has predicted that generally, much of Zambia is likely to receive Normal to Above Normal rainfall during the 2019/2020 rainfall season.

The department predicts that there is a likelihood of dry spells around February especially over the Southern half of the country.

(Baleya Clan Peter Jakalasi Halubinga in the middle)