New Chilenje Grapevine School Invests In Hear, See And Touch Pupil Mentorship…As It Holds 3rd Graduation Ceremony

Grapevine School on Saturday16th November 2019 successfully held its 3rd graduation ceremony, with school manager Edna Lungu emphasizing the importance of   the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) goal number four(4) which targets quality education for all by 2030.
The rare and colourful event saw eight pupils graduating from nursery to primary school level.

The occasion that took place on a windy but sunny morning at the school location in New Chilenje Township, a stone throw from Woodlands Stadium and Timothy Mwanakatwe Primary School was spiced by poems, prayers, dances and songs by various pupils.
Several pupils disclosed their future plans, with some saying they want to be Republican Presidents, nurses, doctors, teachers, carpenters, tailors, drivers, pilots, police officers, footballers
Both best and improved pupils were honoured, with recognition at Grapevine being extended to teachers, each one according to the work they had done.
“When we were growing up, nothing like this used to happen…I mean, there was no graduation ceremonies for nursery school pupils. This is very encouraging,” one of the parents was heard saying during the event, “The world is changing, we are in the world of technology.”
The Guest of honour for the momentum event was Pauline Sakanjole, a retired school manager who urged parents not to impose careers on their children, on account of them being in medicine or in the military.
“Children should have their own desire of what they what to become in future. In some instances, you find that a child grows up with a desire of becoming a police officer then these parents say, ‘no, no, I don’t want my child to be a police officer.’ Then girl’s or boy’s desire is destroyed by a parent…This child would want to become a doctor and their parent want them to do something else. So, to please, parents, this child will train for a course suggested by the parents then when they finish they still go back to their preferred   career of their choice,” she cautioned .

Mrs. Sakanjole thanked teachers at Grapevine for imparting practical knowledge among pupils, stressing that their noted hard work will not go unnoticed.

“…and parents should help their children to achieve their individually set goals,” she stated.

Speaking after the event, Mrs. Lungu underscored the importance of early childhood education, saying education is a cornerstone of national development.

With Kabwata Constituency crowded with more bars than schools and churches, the brains behind Grapevine School thought it wise tou set up a school to contribute meaningfully to national development and reduce illiteracy levels in the society.

Realizing that not all pupils end up doing office works, Grapevine school is imparting children with skills to back their life dreams.

“We looked at the environment…this side of New Chilenje had few schools, so we thought that for a person to grow up properly, they need education hence our resort to set up a school. It was our wish that once we start up a school, vices such as early marriages and child abuse would be nipped in the bud. When we opened the school, we encouraged children to do a lot of curriculum activities,” she said, “school is very important…the knowledge that we get from school is very important. Even as you are going in the streets, you can tell someone who has been to school and who has never sat on class desk,” explained Mrs. Lungu.

Asked about the success story the school has scored since its establishment over two years ago, Mrs Lungu quipped: “When we started this school in 2017, we had 10 pupils but now have over 100 pupils. This tells volumes about the quality of education we are offering here with our determined members of staff.”

She said despite economic malaise that has hit the country people are doing everything possible to take their children to school, a situation she described as encouraging.

On challenges being faced by the school, Mrs. Lungu said: “We are being challenged by water blues in our areas and this is affecting our day-to-day running of the school.”
Established on 17th January 2017, Grapevine Private School is located near Woodland Stadium off Nyatwa Road behind the Zesco Substation.
“In the next five years, I see this school going up to grade seven. We started with baby class, middle class and now we have gone up to grade two. Next year we are going up to grade three,” said an optimistic Mrs Lungu.