Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) Registar Boniface Bwalya has directed health training institutions to make it impossible for students with bad attitudes to graduate because they are a danger to the medical profession.

Boniface Bwalya speaks at the breakfast meeting

Speaking at the Stakeholders Breakfast meeting at Lusaka’s Cresta Golfview hotel ,Mr.Bwalya said there was need to arrest the vice of bad attitude among students, saying  learners with bad character  are a risk to society and students themselves.

“Why should a student with bad attitude graduate? ” the HPCZ Registrar queried.

He said training institutions should see to it that students with bad attitudes do not make it as they do not make meaningful contribution to the health fraternity.

Mr Bwalya echoed the need to come up with an objective tool that will stop students with bad attitudes from graduating.

He  stated  that students with bad attitudes must undergo therapy and assessment to ensure that they are not a danger to society when they become health practitioners.

He urged training institutions to raise enrollment standards by putting in place specific standards.

He emphasized that this would not disadvantage anyone but ensure that qualified people are enrolled.

The HPCZ Registrar, said the health sector is critical and as such, it is not for an average person because it deals with lives of people.