tement On Why MPs Should Support The Constitutional(Amendment) Bill No.10

December 3, 2019

Zambian DNA urges both Members of Parliament (MPs) from the ruling Party and the Opposition parties to support the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill no10 when presented for the second reading to Parliament.

The Constitutional Bill no 10 contains some progressive clauses (arrived at by consensus of the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) delegates) and should be supported by all MPs.

Members of Parliament play a critical role in the national development process as they are not only law-makers, but also represent the development agenda of their respective constituencies.

It’s also worth noting that once an MP is elected, he or she is duty-bound to serve as both a representative of Government and the people in their respective constituencies.

But many Opposition MPs shun their electorates in their respective constituencies who ushered them into office, and become arm-chair critics of Government yet they are part and parcel of Government.

We do not expect the majority Zambians in remote rural areas to be deprived of the much-needed development by lack of effective representation by their area MPs.

 We are of the view that the country will only develop if area MPs perform their representative roles effectively.


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