Dad Impregnated Me, Testifies Girl, 16

Dad Impregnated Me, Testifies Girl, 16

A 16-YEAR-OLD girl of Lusaka has narrated before the Magistrate’s Court that her father allegedly sexually abused her on four occasions and impregnated her. But the suspect wondered why he only saw his purported eight-monthold son for the first time in court, if indeed he is his son. This is in a matter the father is charged with one count of incest. On unknown dates but between December 2017 and December 2018, he allegedly had unlawful carnal knowledge of his daughter.

When the matter came up yesterday for beginning of trial before Magistrate Judith Chiyayika, the girl said her father sexually abused her on four different occasions. She said one day she was sleeping in her bedroom when he went and forced himself on her. “My father came to the room where I was and pushed me on the mattress.

He undressed me and had sex with me. “I did not tell my mother because he threatened to kill me and one day he beat my mother and tied her to a pole,” she told the court. The victim’s mother told the court that her stepson informed her that he had seen his father in the act with his sister. “I confronted my daughter and she confirmed that her father had slept with her on four different occasions. My husband ran away from home and I sent my daughter to Chipata to stay with my mother because I was very ashamed,” she said. She said her husband only returned home one night after 10 months and that he was wearing a mask.

“My husband returned home and started beating me saying he was suffering where he was while I was staying in a house which had electricity. He then killed a cat and threatened to do the same to me,” she said. Meanwhile, Lusaka High Court Judge Sunday Nkonde has testified how he discovered that about K20,000 cash and other items were missing from his house in Mass Media area.

This is a matter in which Alfelo Banda, a security guard of Limbo Properties Investment, is charged with burglary and theft. On July 18 this year in Lusaka, Banda allegedly broke into Judge Nkonde’s house and stole K20,000, a judiciary HP laptop worth K8,000 and three wrist watches valued at US$2,700. Judge Nkonde testified before chief resident magistrate Lameck Mwale that Banda, who was working in the night shift, was his first suspect because he was the only one who had seen him counting the money and walked with it in his house.

He said on the material day, he discovered that about K20,000 cash was missing from his bedroom and other items which included two shaving machines, three watches, a Judiciary laptop and two bottles of perfume. “I then went to inform the property manager, Tazza Mwanza, about the theft and that his first suspect was the security guard who was in the night shift,” Judge Nkonde said. He said his house is perfectly secure and that there was no door which was broken. Magistrate Mwale adjourned the matter to December 18 for continued trial.