I Can’t Sell My Soul To The Devil- Kings Kama Dizzy

I Can’t Sell My Soul To The Devil- Kings Kama Dizzy

I CAN’T sell my soul to the devil, singer  Kings Kama Dizzy has declared, insisting that he is a faithful servant of God who has conneted him  to Mobile City which is  shaping his music career through its strong Corporate  Social Responsibility(CSR) policy.

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 Kings Kama Dizzy, real name Kingsley Mwape said he will be forever  grateful to Raphael Nyirenda of Mobile City for raising  his bar in the music industry.

Kama Dizzy says a number of artistes have benefited from the generosity and  social responsibility of Mobile City.

Raphael Nyirenda

While music fame, both secular and gospel is heavily linked to the underground world, the Mpelaichanuma,Fyabo and Ka Dance Kama Dizzy singer  has refused to worship the devil.

There are strong rumors that most artistes in Zambia and globally sell their souls to illuminate (the underground world) to an extent of parting away with their years on Earth for the love of fame and riches.

Manasseh, formerly MKV disclosed that Satanism is rife in the Zambian music industry, further divulging that he was told to slaughter a loudest bird prior to the release of his Chikondi Chama Dizzy song which was an instant hit.

But Speaking in an exclusive interview with Tumfweko Media , Kings Kama Kama dizzy, a born Adventist pledged his allegiance to God through out his music career.

He said he would endeavor to work hard to achieve what he wants, adding that the fame he is getting for the songs he has released  is more than enough.

“I will never sacrifice my soul to the devil for  fame and recognition. I know that God, The Giver will continue providing my life needs. It is laziness of its worst kind  for one to run to the witch-doctor to seek  fame,” he said.

Kings Kama dizzy’s music career is far from been boring. Coming on the scene in 2010, the talented singer  featured in  Peter Chungu aka Mwisa’s hit song Land lord which went on to sell thousands of copies.

“I came on the music scene in 2010 when I featured in Uncle (real relative) Mwisa’s song and in 2019 alone, I have done three songs, Mpelaichanuma, Fyabo and Ka dance kama Dizzy. I am very happy with the response each of those songs is receiving on various radio stations and Zambian tune, an online music blog, “ he said, “ For me, the sky is a limit.”

Kings  Kama Dizzy explained that all his hit songs have been recorded at X-Convict Studios  in Chazanga Compound and produced by Mr Family.

He was full of praise for Mr Family, saying he is just from another planet.

“Sometimes, I feel he is not human but super human,” he said, “ I will be doing injustice if I don’t pay   compliments to Disc Jockey(DJs) like DJ Mokwana of Prime TV , DJ one time of Komboni Radio, DJ RC of Power TV,  Zed TV  DJs and those I have not mentioned. It is not by design but it is just that the list is endless .Without these people, I could have been nothing,” he said.

And Kings was quick to pay  tribute to Mobile City.

“ It is not just me but most artistes have benefited from the Mobile City,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kings insists that he is a true Zambian despite claims that he is either  from Tanzania or Nigeria.

He said both his parents are from the northern part of Zambia.

“When I released my third hit song titled Fyabo, some of  my gullible fans  where saying that I hail from either Tanzania or Nigeria but the truth of the matter  is that I am  a proud Zambian,” Kama Dizzy said.