Dsat Calls On Govt To Set-Up Innovation Hub

Dziwa Science and Technology(Dsat) Executive Director Veronica Mwaba has emphasized the need for Zambia to establish innovation hubs across the country meant for knowledge exchange. Mrs Mwabae says Government should look into the possibility of setting up innovation hubs in all the districts.

This, she said will give an opportunity to vulnerable and viable young people to explore and share ideas in science and technology, saying scientists and experts should have access to the innovation hubs for knowledge transfer.

President Lungu speaks to Veronica Mwaba at State House recently


Mrs Mwaba said innovation hubs would allow industry experts to challenge young people to design some equipments for their economic emancipation.
“Innovation hubs are critical for knowledge transfer. Government should look into a possibility of setting up the hubs in all the districts to accessed by ordinary Zambians,” said Mrs Mwaba.
She added:” Science and Technology is critical to solve societal challenges and innovation is key.”
The Dsat executive Director added that the patent office-PACRA should also get involved and Provide Intellectual Property(IP) information to protect innovations.
Mrs Mwaba was speaking in an interview where she pointed out that Zambia has key institutions and experts but that science information confuses because it is complex to comprehend.

Dsat was launched last year.