Fresher Siwale Dumps Opposition Alliance


New Labour Party(NLP) has pulled out of the opposition alliance with immediate effect to concentrate on its growth.


NLP leader Fresher Siwale  confirmed the development to the media today.


Mr Siwale said the decision to leave the alliance was arrived at two weeks ago.


He said being in an alliance, NLP was in a shadow of its partners, saying pulling out will allow the party  formed two years ago to grow and sell its manifesto to the electorates.


Mr Siwale said his party cannot be part of the alliance which wants absolute power.


He said if Zambians are not careful, they risk electing a leader who is worse off than President Edgar Lungu because the current governance system is corrupt and   allows leaders to steal with impunity.


“With the current governance system, we are at risk of ushering a leader who will be more corrupt than (President) Lungu. We need to begin to probe our governance system… Is it serving a handful of people or is it serving the all citizens?” he questioned.”


“We need to question the governance system of  leaders like Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda, Michael Sata and now Lungu. We need to find out why every person who comes in as President runs away with the country. In this governance system, a leader can easily run away with the country…If the President is drunk with Kachasu then they expect every citizen to do the same…that is not how it is supposed to be.” Siwale explained.


Asked to confirm reports that he has been bought off by the ruling PF, Mr Siwale said no amount of money can buy NLP, assuring that it will always speak for the voiceless in the country.


And Mr Siwale said that 2021 should not only be about removing Patriotic Front but to focus on  transforming the country.


” Zambians should begin to prepare radical reformation like putting in place a good constitution…There are a lot of social and economic challenges the Zambian people are being faced with under the  brutal regime of Lungu and PF, it will be redeeming if there is regime change to look at the needs of the Zambian people” commented Siwale.