Mulungushi University Student Says PF & Decieving The Public

Dear editor, please hide my identity
I am a fourth year student at Mulungushi University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics. I would like to take this opportunity to respond to Hon Brian Mushimba’s fake statement made yesterday concerning the Mulungushi university payment issues and those students stopped from writing the exams.
I expressly state that over 100 students have not yet been given an opportunity to seat for the exam and management is hiding behind the media by feeding them with fake news stating the matter has been resolved. The issue is far from been resolved, most students have not reached the needed 80% and only a few have attained the 50% threshold but the majority have not even made it to the 50% minimum requirement to seat for exam set by management. The 50% needed to seat for exam is about eleven thousand kwacha (K11,000 ) and what’s frustrating is that some of us have paid at least K10,000 kwacha but still denied the opportunity to seat for exams.
Management has robbed us of money, considering the fact we opened 4 weeks late and only staying in school for 2 months. We don’t understand the reasons to why we have not been refunded or understood the same way we did. The University student union MUSU has been curbed under the threats of management of facing suspensions if they talk to the media, or make any stand opposing management, this why even the president of the student union cannot and could not give a formal statement to the public on this matter.
What kind of leaders does the government want to produce if we are denied the education that was freely given to them by great leaders like Dr Kenneth Kaunda? Today education in Zambia has become an important means to an end and the most expensive necessity to attain for the poor. When we applied for bursaries the majority were given to the relatives of those already doing well financially and not the less privileged. What kind of wickedness is this? Most students have paid over hundred thousand kwacha K100,000, since first year first semester and one must be forced to drop out an academic year because of an eight thousand kwacha K8,000.
I appeal to the government to please send investigators or come with a strategy to get tangible information on the ground otherwise, this is really sending a bad signal to us the students who have been denied a chance to write the exams.
Enraged Student