Cheating Wife Pregnant For Lover

A TIME to reckon for a 34 year woman of Zanimuone Township who allegedly used to lock up her bedridden husband to be with her lover finally came when she discovered she had been impregnated. Adrina Phiri, now eight months pregnant, would lock up Kingstone Moyo, 45, who was sick for one year, to be with her lover. Now she wants Moyo to forgive and accept her back.

Phiri who has four children with Moyo, told the court she did not know what was going on in her mind to get pregnant for another man. She said she still loves her husband and she did not want the marriage dissolved. She also told the court that she got into a relationship with another man because her husband’s mother was mistreating her from the time Moyo got sick. Earlier, Moyo told the court that he has lost interest in his wife and no longer wants to live with her.

He said he had made up his mind to divorce Phiri who used to lock him up in the house when he got sick and come back in the late hours of the night. Moyo told the court that Phiri stopped cooking and washing for her and would walk out every time his relatives came to visit him. He said, “my wife has been refusing to take me to the clinic despite several attempts to plead with her”.

Moyo, in his submissions, told the court that it is better for the couple to go separate ways saying there is no love between them. I n p a s s i n g j u d g e m e n t , m a g i s t r a t e P a u l i n e N e w a dismissed the claim for divorce on grounds that bride price was not paid. Magistrate Newa also castigated Phiri for being heartless and neglecting her husband when he needed her the most