Statement On HH’s Rigging Claim

Zambian DNA is dismayed by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema ‘s unsubstantiated election rigging claims alleging that ECZ

HH, EL to meet for the second time

chairperson Essau Chulu will manipulate election results in favour of President Edgar Lungu.
We are baffled by Mr Hichilema’s wild allegations that holds the potential to plunge the country into political turmoil.
We are also saddened by the Civil Society Organization s (CSOs)’s silence on the issue yet they have been vocal against Government even on trivial issues.
We challenge Mr Hichilema to prove his claims or tender a public apology to the nation for not only issuing an alarming statement to the nation that holds the potential to erode Zambians’ confidence in the electoral system ,but also undermines ECZ’s credibility.

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