Mulambo Haimbe Foundation Touches Women’s Lives

Prime TV Journalist Gloria Mumba(left) Counsel Haimbe(centre), Maureen Gondwe(right) picture by Fulman Mukobeko

Bauleni’s Women in Need(WIN) has paid special compliments to Mulambo Haimbe Foundation, saying the charitable organization is changing lives and giving hope to less privileged people in the community.

In the same vein, Mulambo Haimbe Foundation donated undisclosed amount of money to Bauleni Township as a gesture towards supporting a Poultry Project which the vulnerable women of this impoverished township initiated.


The Mulambo Haimbe Foundation launched a joint empowerment initiative with WIN projects and Free Education Trust Zambia Limited in Bauleni Township.

Under this initiative, members will commence a poultry project aimed at empowering themselves and consequently improving their lives.


Over 400 women in Bauleni Township are receiving support from Mulambo Foundation and out of which 45 members graduated to Level two (2) of the Literacy Project which the Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) has embarked on since 2018.

Speaking during a colourful event held at the Bauleni Presbyterian Church Hall, WIN chairlady Mrs. Maureen Banda Gondwe said Mulambo Haimbe is God sent to transform and add impact to people’s lives in Zambia.

WIN Chairperson/Teacher William Samakesa

“I would like to sincerely thank Counsel Mulambo Haimbe (Director of Mulambo Haimbe Foundation) for the support he has continued to render to various communities in Lusaka. Counsel Haimbe’s generosity is touching our lives,” she applauded.


Mrs. Gondwe urged stakeholders and business houses to take a leaf from Mulambo Haimbe Foundation which has continued to empower communities under difficult circumstances.


“Sir, let your friends emulate your gesture …the job you are doing is highly commendable and may the good LORD continue adding blessings to your life,” she said.


And WIN Secretary Mrs. Juliet Shakalima welcomed the Literacy Programme Mulambo Haimbe Foundation embarked on two years ago.

She said that most importantly, Mulambo Haimbe Foundation is empowering women with free education to back their life dreams.

Mrs Shakalima emphasized that educating a woman, even at the late stage in life is cardinal because it is the female folks that build families.



“I am grateful to Mr. Haimbe and Mulambo Haimbe Foundation for initiating the Literacy Project. I never knew how to read and write but now I am able to do so, thanks to Mr. Haimbe and friends,” she said.

Mrs. Shakalima gave a gloomy picture of the sufferings women in Bauleni Township are facing, citing the prolonged water blue problems.

“Water shortages remain a thorny issue here in Bauleni Township. Women brave the night to draw water and this is very risky…they risk being raped by immoral men. On the other hand, they are risking their marriages as their husbands beat them or send them packing when they delay to get back home thinking the women are having extra marital affairs in the pretext of drawing water,” she lamented.

In handing the undisclosed cash to Bauleni Township women, Counsel Haimbe said it is the wish and vision of the Mulambo Haimbe Foundation to reach out to all women across the country.

He said women are the mainstays of any society hence the need to empower them academically.