Dante Saunders Refuses To Quit Politics…How Can I Quit When Zambians Are Living In Misery?

Saunders on Live Radio


Political Analyst Dante Saunders says he would have given up politics after President Sata’s victory in 2011 had the Patriotic Front(PF) Government fulfilled it’s 90-day campaign promises.
Saunders has been in active politics for over 40 years. He was instrumental in the formation of the Movement for Multi-party Democracy(MMD), later on Zambia Democratic Congress(ZADECO) and UPND respectively.
In 2006, he opted to join hands with the late Sata and the two gentlemen gave the MMD hell until it was kicked out of power in 2011. However, few months after the PF’s victory, Saunders opted to ditch late Sata and formed a formidable partnership with UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema.

Saunders said he has chosen to hang on to politics against his family’s wish because the PF have continued to demonstrate what he termed mediocre politics. He said he felt cheated by the PF, the party he had a lot of faith in after it failed to honour it’s campaign promises of more money in pockets, lower taxes and so on…
Saunders added that the PF attacked MMD of being corrupt but started working with the same crooks after forming Government.
He said thieves in MMD regrouped in the PF, thus improving the art of theft.
He said that PF had been swallowed by MMD and nothing was left in it.
” My family is against my involvement in active politics but how can I quit politics when Zambians continue wallowing in poverty because of heavy taxes imposed on them by this regime? How can I quit if the price of a 25KG bag of meali-meal is over K150? How can I quit when corruption has reached unprecedented levels? How can I quit when the PF has failed to give Zambians a good Constitution? Who will speak for the suffering Zambians? Saunders asked.
He added: “Had the PF honoured most of their promises, I could have quit politics by now.”
And asked by the Live Radio moderator when he appeared on Live Issues programme what his next move will be should the UPND form Government but fail to govern properly, Saunders said he will lead Zambians into mass de campaignings.
” If they (UPND) fail to Govern, will change Government…simple,” he said.