ECZ Should Call For UN Emergency Meeting Over Printing Of Ballots In Dubai

Lusaka, Sunday 12/01/2020

LP leader Richard Silumbe

As the Leadership Movement we  would like to call upon the Electoral Commission of Zambia to call an Emergency Meeting following a statement on the printing of ballot papers in Dubai, ahead of 2021 general elections.


As LM, feel that the majority of stakeholders including us as a political party have not been engaged on the subject matter on where to print ballot papers come 2021.

At this stage, a meeting which brings together the Church, Civil society and Political parties will add value to the electoral process knowing that the Electoral Commission of Zambia is the people’s Institution.

The Leadership Movement would like to ask the Electoral Commission of Zambia to announce 2020 to 2021 ECZ plan to the public and state when it will start registering new voters.  In the same vain, we would like to urge the National Registration Card – Department to start issuing the young people with NRCs as doing so will prepare Political Parties for the coming elections.

We would also wish to remind the young people to start demanding for NRCs so that they take part in the coming general elections.

Finally, LM is very ready for the 2021 general elections no matter irrespective  of where Ballot papers will be printed, be it locally or outside the country.


However, LM has a plan to revamp Government Printers so that after 2021, ballot Papers can be printed locally in order to save the resources which will go towards Health Care, Agriculture, Labour and Employment Creation.