2021,Don’t Vote For The Greedy PF-Haimbe

The UPND Lusaka Central Aspiring Candidate Mulambo Haimbe says it is about time Zambians replaced the selfish and greedy Patriotic Front(PF) in the forth coming elections.
With polls coming in 2021, Zambians are getting extremely fatigued with the PF which has failed to honour it’s 2011 campaigns.

Receiving thousands of defectors from the ruling PF, Mr Haimbe said it is only the visionary Hichilema who can propel Zambians to greater heights as he is not preoccupied to enrich himself.

He said Zambians must not waste their votes on the PF which has done little to improve their livelihood.

Mr Haimbe wondered why Zambians are wallowing in poverty when the country is endowed with vast natural resources.

He insisted that Zambia is a rich country with a lot of resources ,thereforcitizens must not be lacking.

He said it is unacceptable that since getting independence in 1964 ,the country is still behind in terms of national development.

The Lusaka Central Aspiring Candidate cited greedy and lack of political will as one of the major reasons why Zambia is not improving its economic development.

“How can they purchase 48 fire tenders at USD 1 million each?” Mr Haimbe questioned.

And Mr Haimbe reminded the authorities that there is urgent need to come up with an effective waste management system to get rid of the garbage in the city to prevent the Cholera outbreak.

He said people need access to clean water, saying there is need for political will to ensure that citizens live a better and improved life.