Dora: Protesting Retirees Were Paid

Dora: Protesting Retirees Were Paid

Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya says some retirees who are part of the group demanding payment of their terminal benefits have already been paid and were swindled by some of their lawyers.

Ms Siliya says it is not correct to say that government is doing nothing about the retirees’ situation because money has been released on several occasions to pay them.

Speaking at a media briefing, Ms Siliya said government is concerned with the status of retirees who are spending months in the cold demanding to be paid their money and will ensure that what is due to them is paid.

She however said that records are there to show that some retirees were paid through their lawyers and it is not government’s responsibility to ensure that the money is transferred to them.

Meanwhile, Ms Siliya has warned that there will be chaos in the country if politicians continue peddling lies about institutions of governance.

She said Institutions such as the Electoral Commission of Zambia have been handling elections for a long time and there is need for the people to have confidence in it.