‘Let Him Marry My Wife Since He Has Destroyed My Marriage’

‘Let Him Marry My Wife Since He Has Destroyed My Marriage’

A MAN whose wife admitted having sex with another man on four occasions has pleaded with the court to let the adulterer marry his wife since he has already destroyed his marriage.

This was heard in a case in which a 21-year-old man of Lusaka’s Ng’ombe Township has been slapped with K4,000 fine by the Chelstone Local Court for committing adultery with another man’s wife.

This is a case in which Mugileki Chiinda, 26 sued Moses Kasonde of the same area seeking compensation for adultery.

Chiinda told Presiding magistrate Mary Namangala that it was December 14, 2019 when his wife received a call from a strange number but the caller was a man.

“My wife received a call from a man and I asked who he was and she told me she doesn’t know the number. I then warned her not to be using the phone to talk to other people,

“After some time, the same number called and I tried to ask her but she ran away and came in the night.

And on December 31 around 22:00 I went to church for an overnight prayer meeting and I left my wife home and she called me using the same number and I became suspicious, ” he said.

He said after pressuring his wife to tell him who she always communicates with, she said it was Kasonde and she took Chiinda to his house.

“I want him to marry her since he has destroyed my home,” he said.

In defence, Kasonde denied the allegation saying that he had never slept with Chiinda’s wife but were mere friends.

“On December 31, his wife came to my shop around 21:00 hours and it was my first time meeting her. She never told me she was married. We sat and she started giving me signs of liking me. And after a long chat, she took my phone and went with it home,”

” She returned it the following day and that’s how her husband approached me and threatened to take me to the police after accusing me of having an affair with his wife”

He said they agreed as family not to take him to the police instead they decided to charge him K7,000.

Key witness, Milimo Chiinda,20, said Kasonde was her boyfriend and that she had been having sex with him.

” He is my boyfriend, and our relationship started in November when my husband told me to go and get buns on credit from him, and on that very day he forced me to have sex with him in the shop.

“On the second encounter he came to my house and threatened to kill me if I will not sleep with him and twice we had it at his place. In total we have had sex four times,” she said.

Chiinda and Milimo married seven months ago and have no children together.

The court found out that there was overwhelming evidence that Kasonde committed adultery.

It then ordered him to compensate Chiinda with K4, 000 and that the first installment of K500 effective to be paid on January 31.