Zambia’s Sex Therapist Aunt Milly On Fire

Zambia’s Sex Therapist Aunt Milly On Fire

Aunt Milly
A MARRIAGE counselor has called on the arrest of a social media blogger popularly known as aunty Milly for her continued defamatory postings targeted at women.

Ms Judith Mwila a mentor and a marriage councillor said it was immoral for an elderly person like aunty Milly to be talking about female reproductive organs in that manner on social media.

She wondered who the lady was targeting by posting derogatory statements on social media which could be accessed by any person. Ms Mwila said female private parts were suppose to be respected adding such postings could encourage promiscuity among young ladies.

She advised young women to avoid such teaching as they may lead them to immoral behavior.

“It’s immoral to say the least I don’t expect her to talk like that on social media. It’s something immoral and young ladies should not take such advice,

“We are in an era where we are trying to fight cervical cancer but with such teaching where someone is talking about the size of female organs, young lady’s can end up using other things to tighten them,” she said

She wondered who Milly was targeting for her to be posting such issues on Facebook, adding that she did not mean well for young people.

She further called for the arrest of Ms Milly for allegedly circulating pornography by word of mouth.

And Ms Florence Chunga described the conduct of Ms Milly as disrespectful to women folks.

“That was bad as a woman I don’t think she is married because a married woman cannot talk like that. She can’t be saying that on the face book where children can also read her posting,” she said.

Aunty Milly has been posting videos on social media describing how good her private parts were.

In her latest video, which she posted on Sunday evening,Ms Milly said that women that did not take good care of their private parts were bound to lose their marriages.

Aunt Milly

She said that women should ensure that there their private parts were tight.

Ms Milly said that older men were complaining that most women’s private parts were as wide as a horse’s mouth.

In another video Ms Milly boasted that despite being old, her private parts were tight.