Chingola Miner Mistaken For Serial Killer

AM I N E R w a s o n T h u r s d a y morning almost burnt to death by an irate mob in Chingola after they suspected him of being a ritual killer. And eight police officers who were rushing to Chingola to beef up man-power following the riots were yesterday involved in a road traffic accident. Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga identified the miner as Royce Mwanakakongo, 40, a miner at Lubambe mine. She said some residents mistook Mr Mwanakakongo for a ritual killer who has been behind hackings in the area.

M r s K a t a n g a s a i d M r Mwanakakongo sustained a swollen face. She said it was later discovered that the victim is a miner at Lubambe mine in Chililabombwe, who knocked off early and went on a drinking spree. “Police received a call from a member of the public that there was a person apprehended in Twatasha in Chiwempala and a mob was about to burn him alive.” “Police rushed to the scene and found the victim being beaten, tyres burnt, while some people in the mob had machetes,” Mrs Katanga said.

S h e s a i d a f t e r M r Mwanakakongo was rescued and taken to Chiwempala Police Station, the mob went to the station and threatened to burn the building. Mrs Katanga said a wire fence was destroyed at the police station, while a nearby shop was looted. She also said in the process, a juvenile who was coming from school was shot on his left shoulder. Mrs Katanga said the juvenile is admitted to hospital and is in a stable condition. A n d C h i n g o l a D i s t r i c t Commissioner Mary Chibesa said in an interview yesterday that the man who the residents mistook for a ritual killer is a miner who was coming from a drinking spree. “The man who was attacked is not a ritual killer.

He is a miner and was coming from a drinking spree before he was attacked by the mob,” Ms Chibesa said. She said the situation is calm and police officers have continued to patrol the area. Ms Chibesa also cautioned the residents to refrain from taking the law into their hands but take suspected ritual attackers to the police.

And Mrs Katanga said a Zambia Police Land Cruiser registration number 2028 driven by Luseko Chilala ,40, was extensively damaged as well as a Toyoya Axio driven by Simposo Kalima, 22, who sustained neck and headache. “Other officers admitted are Maunda Mukosa, 31, who sustained a bruised right arm, waist and face, Francis Chilao, 27, who had head injuries, Christopher Chipampe,30, sustained bruised arms and head injuries, while Angel Kapwe, 32, sustained a cut on right eyelid and painful left leg and neck-ache.”

Others are Reuben Mukonda, 46, who sustained head injuries and painful left shoulder, Rafael Kapufi, 31, who sustained a painful left waist and a cut on his upper lip, while Edwin Chimuka, 48, sustained a fractured right leg and bruised face,” she said. And Ndola Teaching Hospital senior medical superintendent Joseph Musowoya said one of the nine accident victims suffered a fractured right leg, while others sustained minor injuries.

Cop p e r b e l t P e r m a n e n t Secretary Bright Nundwe, who visited the accident victims at the hospital, regretted the incident. Meanwhile, a 25-year-old woman of Ndola has died after being electrocuted while she was hanging wet clothes on the line. Mrs Katanga said Racheal Kalunu of Chipulukusu Township, who worked as a maid in Peter Singogo Police Camp, died as she was putting clothes on the line without realising that the wire had contact with electricity.