Lets Support Bill 10 – Clergy

Lets Support Bill 10 – Clergy

Pastor Elvin Nasilele
The National Clergy Consultative Forum has called on Zambians to support efforts aimed at enacting Bill 10 saying that it is a progressive legal document.

Forum’s Publicity Secretary Elvin Nasilele says although the Clergy do not support the document in its entirety such as the inclusion of Deputy Ministers, other components of the proposed document are progressive.

Pastor Nasilele has stressed that the document contains recommendations and clauses that are beneficial to the Zambian people.

Pastor Nasilele has also noted the exclusion of the word ‘Christian’ on the wording of the morals and values of the Zambian people saying this word is central to the Christian status of the country.

One Response to "Lets Support Bill 10 – Clergy"

  1. Joyce Mambwe   January 19, 2020 at 2:33 am

    Mr so called Clergy? How much have you been paid, to say that? If its a Christian caring country, why are they stealing mukula tree, destroying forests , ambulances, fire tenders, road constructions deflating figures and you call yourself Christian Nation, my foot. People say a Big No to Bill 10