Low Taxes Is Our Agenda-Silumbe

–Lusaka 19th January, 2020


The Leadership Movement will reduce the toll gates fees and Market Levy in 2021 and our party shall empower the locals in the business community.

We shall treat the Private Sector with respect as they are a number one true Partner of any Government in the World.

As we create jobs for our unemployed youths in Zambia we shall strengthen our Partnership with the Business Community be it small or large business.

For our Markeeters shall have the total freedom in our local markets as under the Leadership Movement will not allow cadres to be collecting any ngwee or coin from our poor Markeeters in Markets.

Leadership Movement will introduce soft loans to our Markeeters to enable them grow they business and pay taxes to the Zambian Government.

Under the Leadership Movement all Political Parties Members will be allowed to Trade freely without any threat.

In 2021 we shall also re-Introduce the Council Market Managers as a party that believe in Accountability and Transparency.

Finally, we urge our Markeeters in different Market s not to lose hope as the Leadership Movement will take care of you in 2021.

*Issued by*
*Dr. Richard Silumbe*
*Leadership Movement*
*Party President*