‘She Pulls My Manhood When We Differ…’

‘She Pulls My Manhood When We Differ…’

A LUSAKA man has divorced his wife claiming she pulls his manhood and beats him whenever they differ.

Rodwell Chitabanta, 50, of Kanyama compound told Kanyama Local Court Senior Magistrate Abbyshine Michelo that he wanted divorce because his wife could kill him.

This is in a case where Rodwell Chitabanta sued his wife Martha Chisenga, 37, for divorce.

Chitabanta married Chisenga in 2007 after paying dowry and they have three children.

Chitabanta told the court that problems started in 2012 when Chisenga started drinking beer and mistreating his four children from his previous marriage who had since left the home.

He said he brought his mother from the village in 2013 but Chisenga differed with her and that from that time she hasn’t been on talking terms with her and accused her of not liking his relatives.

He said Chisenga left him in 2017 and that she sued him for reconciliation in the same court but after they reconciled differences continued.

‘’Chisenga pulls my manhood and beats me whenever we differ and she picks objects which she throws at me. She has pulled my manhood on three occasions, I want divorce because she can kill me,’’ Chitabanta said.

Chisenga however pleaded that she still wanted to continue her marriage with Chitabanta.

Chisenga said since the couple got married, Chitabanta doesn’t show her his salary but works adding that he just buys mealie meal and relish.

‘’When we differ Chitabanta sleeps with a short thereby denying me sex. I don’t drink beer I stopped long ago I just go to church or market and I don’t sell beer,’’ Chisenga said.

Chisenga said they just fought with Chitabanta on two occasions.

Passing judgment, the court said there was no doubt that they fight because it was raised initially in the earlier case of reconciliation an indication that there was no love.

The court granted divorce ordering Chitabanta to compensate Chisenga K12, 000 by monthly instalments of K500 and to be paying children maintenance fee of K700 per month. The couple was ordered to share households good acquired together equally.