Another Foreigner Insulting Local Leaders, Mistreating Workers: One Worker Dies After Being Forced To Work Despite Being SicK

Dear Editor
James schimper  is a south african working for HAP (Henderson Assets Protection) a security company in the kansanshi mine.
The guy has being treating Zambians like cows, forcing workers to work even in sick conditions, boasts to be untouchable and insults our local government leaders.
Tomorrow we are burring our brother(Namushi ) who was working for the same company who died yesterday the 20th of jan 2020 out of the bad heart of his boss James Schimper.
Facts of the matter are that our brother complained of not fit and he was taken to the Mine clinic where malaria was tested negative whilst our brother was in serious pains. The named boss took him back to his working site as he awaits the knocking off day as he worked two weeks inside the bush of kansanshi guarding the perimeter of the mine.
The situation got bad that he had to call the project manager of the company who took him to the Solwezi general hospital and later died the following day.
We are calling upon OP, labour and migration officers to investigate the team supervisor(James Schimper)