True Story Of My Life – Sambwa Chisulo.

True Story Of My Life – Sambwa Chisulo.

For 22 Years, I have been living with this hate for men because of what an elderly person did to me💔. I was 3years old by then, staying with my mum and dad in Chainda compound.

Mum sent me to buy salt from a certain neighbour where we used to do our groceries. This man had a lot of grown daughters and everyone respected him as he was equally a church leader. We used to congregate together at Chainda Main Baptist church.

I got there and gave him the money so he could give me a packet of salt instead he said I should wait for his daughter to come and give me. I sat on a sofa, innocently waiting while he went into the other room. I believe that was his bedroom. A few minutes later, the man came out NAKED.

Me being a child, I didn’t know what that meant until he came closer to me and asked me a question as to whether I knew what he was holding was, “stroking his manhood”.

With so much fear, I said I had never seen such a strange thing. I started shivering, then he grabbed me and was almost raping me but I was saved by a customer who knocked on the door.

In shock, I ran home crying and told my mother (mhsrip) what transpired. She couldn’t hold her fire and went and comfroted him but everything went in vain. They advised her to sleep over it as I was only a child and would soon forget about it.

But little did they know that I would still, to this day, have the picture of everything. Many are times that I fear cases of being abused by even people I trust to be close to me, ending up choosing not to open up to anyone.

In 2003, the same happened from a close family member. I tried to report, they brushed it off. In 2008 the same happened from a close member but I reported him to my dad and he took action against the culprit but he still went free.

All these memories have stuck in my head and I sometimes wake up in the middle of night and ask if I will ever heal. In 2014, the same thing happened but this time am still shocked and I wonder if the person knows that am still shocked. My healing has started now that I have been able to openly share but still #broken.

3 Responses to "True Story Of My Life – Sambwa Chisulo."

  1. nineo   January 22, 2020 at 9:00 am

    Very sad indeed. Please start self defense lessons and since you are now an adult you can also enroll to obtain a fire arm for your protection. Nonsense like this and the attitude of our families and community is very much the females. Am male by the way and I do not subscribe to such stupidity. Infact such idiots that do such things bafunika “kutendewa” chabe!!!

  2. Anthony Chisanga   January 22, 2020 at 9:05 am

    What i can say about Sambwa Chisulo is that God Loves her and i would like to thank her as young as she is to have the courage to speak out

  3. Rosemarry   January 23, 2020 at 11:32 am

    keep courage my gal and keep yourself safe. Always protect yourself to live longer. Some at your age are already worn out and do not care. Wait until you grow and get married. Infact even me an idiot tried to rape me pretending he was going to the same direction where i was going by giving me a lift. Knowing that he was a work mate and a Boss for that matter i had no second thoughts and respected the fool but he plans failed how i wish such people could be vitendeni. Stay blessed.