Zulu To Return To Active Politics …Years after being silenced by late Sata

Zulu To Return To Active Politics …Years after being silenced by late Sata

Zulu in black colt

FORMER late President Michael Sata’s confidant Samson Zulu has vowed to return to active politics, years after his self-imposed political exile.
Meanwhile, Zulu has expressed concern over the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ)’s failure to register new voters, with less than 580 days to go before Zambia goes to the General Elections.

Speaking in a walk-in- interview with Tumfweko Media, Zulu stated that time has come for him to come out of the self-imposed political oblivion and participate in active politics.
He, could however, not divulge the political party he would join after dumping the Patriotic Front(PF) before it formed Government in 2011.

Zulu served as Sata’s right hand man before the two gentlemen crossed paths. Sata was annoyed when Zulu led some PF faithfuls in calling for the convention that would have hounded him out as party president before the 2011 polls.

On June, 5th 2009 Sata sent his personal thugs, Judge Ngoma and Ashel Kampengele to disrupt Zulu’s press briefing at Court Yard Hotel and consequently beat him up before bundling him in Van which took him to unknown destination. Zulu reported the assault case to Lusaka Central police and seven PF cadres including Ngoma and Kampengele were arrested. Ironically, the mastermind, Sata was left scot free.

Upon his recovery, Zulu resigned from the PF and he has been missing on the political platform. Ngoma and Kampengele were convicted on assault charges but when Sata became President, the first thing he did was to order for the release of the duo in what he termed political sacrifice.

But Zulu declared himself ready to return to active politics but stated that chances a very slim for him to return to the PF.

“I must state that this year I will return to active politics,” he said
Asked which political platform he would prefer, Zulu quipped: “I will remain non-partisan and offer checks and balances to political players. But you may never know these things… politics are interesting and dynamic.”

Zulu’s resort to return to politics has been triggered by the fact that the current crop of politicians have failed to change the socio-economic welfare of the Zambian people and political violence is still rife, going by Government’s move to arm the police.

Meanwhile, Zulu wondered why current politicians and the ECZ have deliberately ignored to address the issue of new unregisters voters, the majority of which are comprised of unemployed youths.
“What surprises me is that all the politicians today are not looking into the plight of the unregistered voters. The majority of the prospective voters are youths who are severely hit with challenges that come with unemployment. This is very dangerous and I therefore challenge ECZ  to address this issue,” Zulu said.

According to Zulu, the unregistered and unemployed youths are the ones that are excited and eager to vote.