Statement On Lies Being Peddled By Opposition On Bill 10

January 25, 2020
UPND members of parliament leave the House after Speaker announced their 30 days suspension
The Zambian DNA is concerned that Amendment Bill 10 of 2019 is now being used to discredit and attack government by those opposed to the constitution making process.
We are dismayed that all kinds if lies and falsehoods are being spread, alleging that Bill is meant to keep President Edgar Lungu and the PF in power in perpetuity when in fact not.
We are also aware that those opposed to Bill 10 were all invited to attend the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) but chose to stay away, yet today they are the ones busy organizing public discussions and purporting to champion a process they declined to be part of.
However, we are not surprised by the noise being made on Bill 10 by a known opposition political party in an alliance with civil society organizations, some traditional leaders and media houses hostile to government, as they are the same people who vigorously campaigned against the referendum in 2016, and yet today they are shamelessly advocating for the Bill of Rights.
In view of the foregoing, we appeal to the Zambian people to ignore the noise being made by those opposed to Bill 10 as they do not mean well for the country.
We are cognizant of the fact that their selfish objective is cause confusion and incite Zambians to rise against a democratically elected government in their futile attempt to unseat President Lungu,
Nevertheless, we are confident that the Zambian people will once again reject them at the polls as was the case in 2015 and 2016 respectively.
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