Chreso University Ndola Opened!!!

Chreso University Chancellor Helmut Reutter says the higher learning institution is resolved to contribute to the Zambian economy and health sector by producing well informed students.
And Dr Reautter has paid special tribute to the Ministry of Higher Education for authorising Chreso University to open a campus in Ndola.
Speaking at the official opening of the Chreso University-Ndola Campus, Dr Reautter said the higher learning institution depends on the lecturers who are well trained and experienced.
Saying…”We believe that when we grow older, our sapience also increases as we gain experience. We believe that when we grow older, our knowledge also increases. Sapience is an important quality in a good teacher or mentor since students can benefit from that knowledge,” Dr Reautter quipped.
He said the University’s vision is to become the highest attraction and life changing university in Africa.
“As an institution founded on principles of Christianity, the approach is to allow as many as possible to undertake university learning but are disadvantaged in one way or another economically, be given an opportunity through flexible mechanism of payment fees. Further, ensure that our graduates are imparted with Christian value of selflessness, respect, care and support for individual, parents and society at large,” he said.
In divulging the university’s future plans, Dr Reautter said:” The Mathematician and Philosopher Alfred North Whitestead once said, ‘The art of progress is to preserve change amid order. That is our task to preserve what our university has stood for over the years in Zambia, even in the face of pressure to focus on the immediate and instrumental. To enforce and meet the demands of the changing times. We do face a choice between tradition and change, between the familiar and the new. We face an opportunity and imperative to embrace thoughtful change and to affirm our core values in ways that fulfil this extraordinary university’s promise to its students,” Dr Helmut said.
And Dr Reautter thanked the Ministry of Higher Education for according the higher learning institution an opportunity to open a campus in Ndola, Copperbelt Province.
“In accordance with the law, the approval to operate has been made possible by the Ministry of Higher Education Authorities whom on 08th January, 2020 conveyed the approval of the official opening of Chreso University-Ndola Campus and subsequently awarding the university a certificate to operate in line with the higher education Act No 4 of 2013.
But Dr Reautter regretted that while the university is well located, it has challenges of poor road network which need the attention of Government.
He further raised a concern of lack of a health post saying:” We request the DHMT support to establish a health post which will make available drugs and primary health care such as Malaria prevention program and make available community vaccination kits and other programmes,” Dr Hemult said.
On security, the Chreso University Chancellor said there is need to construct a police post near the university to avert crime.
And Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe thanked Chreso University for opening up a Campus in Ndola.
He said the higher learning institution will provide an opportunity for local people to get educated at the country’s recognised University.